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Phil Stekl

Born in Middletown, Connecticut - the heart of Connecticut River Valley - Phil was well fostered by family and the public schools there. An introduction to the sport of rowing in high school proved defining. A member of the 1980 and 1984 U.S. Olympic Rowing Teams, Phil remains active in the sport as a veteran competitor and supporter. He settled in mountainous Austria with his family following financial careers in Hartford and Chicago, and is now following the photography calling of his father, William F. Stekl, and writing.  

William F. Stekl

A life-long resident of Middletown, Connecticut, “Bill” Stekl served as a U.S. Navy Photographer during WWII and thereafter as cameraman and ultimately Chief Photographer for the Middletown Press. He was a member of the National Press Photographers Association; the Connecticut News Photographers Assoc., where he served as president in 1963; and the Connecticut Professional Photographers Assoc. He photographed as a stringer for the United Press International and Wide World Photos and was a multiple photo-award winner. In 1972, Bill Stekl co-authored, with Evan Hill, a book titled “The Connecticut River”.  He died in Middletown in 1991.  

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