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Two generations, two books, one affirmation: 
water harbors a soul...

The Wondrous Sport of Rowing (Jpeg 100%)

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The Connecticut River

Photographs by William F. Stekl 

Text by Evan Hill

Introduction by Roger Tory Peterson

Foreword by Senator Abraham Ribicoff

Wesleyan University Press, 1972, illustrated, 143 pp.

Out of print for decades and no small matter to acquire in the after-market, this photographic and penned portrait of a noble New England river, and eloquent plea to rescue it from industrial abuse, is a prize for naturalists at heart - a gem in the hands of all who appreciate the value of a healthy waterway.








What the reviewers said...


“Our collaborators here have done an outstanding job of presenting the river in photograph and words.”

Herbert Kenny

Boston Globe

Sept 13, 1972


“Evan Hill with sprightly prose and William F. Stekl with imposing and beautiful photographs take the reader from the mouth of the river to its source, describing and picturing the many beauty spots... An interesting and beautiful book.”

W. Emerson Wilson

The Morning News

Sept 25, 1972


“The book is thoroughly enjoyable and one can become lost in its beauty and in the beauty of its subject.”

William J. Clew

The Hartford Courant

Oct 1, 1972

The Wondrous Sport of Rowing

Photographs, text & verse by Phil Stekl, Olympian

Foreword by John A. Chatzky, Olympian & Patron

Message from Matt Smith, Exec. Dir. World Rowing

Blurp Publishing, 2020, illustrated, 54 pp.

Celebrate the day you discovered rowing - or the day you will - and help preserve our most ethereal, if not most precious, resource.

Authored by Olympic medalist Phil Stekl, with messages from fellow-Olympian and patron John A. Chatzky and World Rowing Executive Director Matt Smith, ”The Wondrous Sport of Rowing” pays tribute to the global rowing community. The sport, and the people it unites, are celebrated in a series of story-telling “scenes”, comprised of 12" x 24” high-resolution photographs and accompanying verse.


In recognition of water’s fundamental role in enabling and enriching the sport, fifty-one percent of the book’s net proceeds are donated to the Clean Water Project - the joint initiative of World Rowing and the WWF to promote freshwater research and education.


What the reviewers are saying...

“I hadn’t realized the extent to which rowing amplifies the beauty of nature until I let myself get lost in some of these pages. The images are beautiful... invite us into a deep gaze... a celebration of the family that we rowers are all a part of.”

Andy Anderson

Doctor Rowing

Rowing News

April 2021

Read Mr. Anderson's full review at:

“... the book that all folks who truly love rowing need at this juncture.”

Oli Rosenbladt

February 2021

Read Mr. Rosenbladt's full review at:

“Phil Stekl has captured the beauty of the sport.”

Gary Caldwell

Commissioner, IRA

March 2021

A member of the 1980 and 1984 U.S. Olympic Rowing Teams, Phil Stekl remains active in the sport as a veteran competitor and supporter.  He settled in Austria with his family following financial careers in Hartford and Chicago and is now heeding the photography calling of his father, William F. Stekl, and writing.  Follow Phil’s work on Facebook and Instagram.

The Connecticut River 

The Wondrous Sport of Rowing

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